Fondazione Antonio Ratti

A Month on the Lake

27 July–26 August 1996
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

"From the point of view of style, the final exhibition proved to be eclectic beyond anyone's expectations, ranging from a nylon wig to a white collage in the shape of Italy composed of a thousand human outlines, an elevated survival zone featuring "my favorite records", an installation with a photocopier, an apparent dripping of color from the church frescoes and, in an underground niche, a cassette recorder complete with headphones emitting the frantic telephone search for someone sharing the name Elsa Lopez, a series of yellow post-its stuck simply to the door of the church creating, among other things, a highly decorative effect, a small bad-taste altar, an aquarium technically perfect in every detail save for the fact that it neglected to leave room for the fish, and a composition of souvenir postcards installed at the stationer's, earning both the vexation and suspicion of the owner."
(Angela Vettese)

The participant artists were: Elizabeth Aro (Argentina), Ignazio Bettua (Switzerland), Luca Bianco (Italy), Fabrice Cousin (France), Emilia Dissette (Italy), Michaela Drenhaus (Germany), Carsten Eggers (Germany), Anna Epis (Italy), Ivana Falconi (Switzerland), Francois Kohler (Switzerland), Luisa Lambri (Italy), Elsa Lopez (USA), Anyun Lu (China), Serenella Luparelli (Italy), Laura Matei (Romania), Eleonora Milesi (Italy), Mario Milizia (Italy), Isidora Nikolich (Serbia), Marta Pòcza (Hungary), Denis Pernet (Switzerland), Paola Pivi (Italy), Cristina Poretti (Switzerland), Susanna Scarpa (Italy), Adrian Nikolaus Schiesser (Germany), Lorenzo Silvan (Italy), Andrea Sperni (Italy), Michela Veneziano (Italy), Susanne Wehmer (Germany).

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