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The Meaning of Things (who feels the most pain?)
Matt Mullican

Causal Loops Time Squiggles

How to Begin

How do We make a We

Textile as Art: Antonio Ratti entrepreneur and patron

Moving and Being Moved
Yvonne Rainer

Moda Arte Storia Società. Omaggio a Grazietta Butazzi

Cachemire. Il segno in movimento

Fly in the soup

Giardini di Seta. Tessuti, abiti e botanica del territorio lariano

Eyelid Reports

Emilio Pucci e Como 1950–1980

The collected work of H.C.

Liliana Moro

Collecting Textiles. Patrons Collections Museums

Walid Raad

Out of print

Once Upon A Time...
Hans Haacke

The Choice Is Yours

The Dream and the Word
Susan Hiller

Wolves and Peasants 38% Notes 38% No Title 19% Dreamers 4%

Ritratti di Signore. Portraits of Ladies

Out of print

Give and Take

A Horse is a Camel Designed by a Commettee

Open Mind(s). Collezionismo Comasco nel Contemporaneo

Out of print

L'età dell'eleganza. Le Filande e Tessiture Costa nella Como degli anni Cinquanta

Yona Friedman

Public Improvisation

Guido Ravasi. Il signore della seta

CECAC 2008 – Time at work

Out of print

CECAC 2007

Out of print

Carla Badiali. Disegnare il tessuto

Invisible Miracles

Joan Jonas

Marjetica Potrc. Fragment Worlds

Fragmented Book

Divina Mimesis

Out of print

Alfredo Jaar. The Aesthetic of Resistence

Out of print

The Aesthetic of Resistence

Diversities. Europe and the Others

Jimmie Durham

Richard Nonas

Giulio Paolini

Marina Abramović

Silk. The 1900's in Como

Ilya Kabakov. Public Projects or the Spirit of a Place

Haim Steinbach

Hamish Fulton

Allan Kaprow

Gianni Versace

Out of print

John Armleder

Out of print

Joseph Kosuth

Silk and Colour

Out of print


Out of print


Out of print


Out of print


Out of print

Silk Gold and Silver: Eighteenth Century Textiles

Out of print


Rethinking Marx

Bibliographica Textilia Historiae

Commodity Aesthetics, Ideology & Culture

Marx & Engels on the means of communication (the movement of commodities, people, information & capital)

Rethinking Ideology: A marxist debate

The capitalization of cultural production
Bernard Miège

Communication and class struggle. Capitalism, Imperialism

Communication and class struggle. Liberation, Socialism

How to read Donald Duck
Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart

Communicating In Popular Nicaragua

Recherches sur le commerce, la fabrication et l’usage des étoffes de soie, d’or et d’argent et autres tissus précieux en Occident principalement en France pendant le Moyen Age
Xavier Francisque-Michel

Seth Siegelaub "Better Read Than Dead" Writings and Interviews 1964-2013