Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Liliana Moro

Cincia Mora

Park of Villa Sucota

This site-specific sound installation – conceived for Villa Sucota’s Belvedere – takes its name from the local bird cincia mora (coal tit) known, as most birds, for defending its territory by singing. This interactive piece is composed of four hidden speakers which, when activated by the passage of visitors, reproduce the bird’s chirping. The sound in reality is a recording made by the artist, very similar to the coal tit’s song.

Cincia Mora is audible from different areas of the park as it blends and dialogues with the landscape. The work transmits a loud sound which fiercely echoes in the surrounding environment and thus establishes an immediate connection with the territory. The visitors are surprised by the unexpected noise and find themselves in an immersive experience, as the sound imposes itself onto the lake’s landscape. Sound is a recurring aspect of Liliana Moro’s research, a tangible element that builds or alters space and allows us to create images, to make us see the world in its absence.

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