Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Located Work

27 July–20 August 1995
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

Each student produced two elements: a proposal and an execution. Each participant outlined a proposal for the making of work in a textual way (without the benefit of plans, maps, charts, diagrams, photographs, images, or any visual help in explication) on one page. Once written, the proposal was given to another member of the workshop. When distributed, no further discussion concerning the proposal took place between the student who wrote the proposal and the student who received it. Once the proposal was received, the students attempted to make the work strictly based on the information provided in the text of the proposal. Of course, this called for some interpretation. Not only the student needed to interpret the choice of specific materials but also had to interpret the entire concept of the work since this wasn't necessarily obvious in the proposal. This was a way of showing the making process; separating and making visible aspects of that process. By calling the "authorship" into question, the subjective role and location of work were brought into focus, emphasizing the social and cultural structures of signification that construct meaning.

The participant artists were: Rachida Aydi (Morocco), Simone Berti (Italy), Piero Calignano (Italy), Sarah Ciracì (Italy)), Kathleen Deleu (Belgium), Cheikh Diop (Senegal), Kristina Fritz (Croatia), Giuseppe Gabellone (Italy), Stefania Galegati (Italy), Almudena Gomez Martinez (Spain), Deborah Ligorio (Italy), Gino Lucente (Italy), Cameron Maceachran (Canada), Gian Maria Marcaccini (Italy), Pietro Marchioni (Italy), Line Nielsen (Denmark), Diego Perrone (Italy), Marta Tarres Chamorro (Spain), Maria Luisa Torres (Spain), Giuseppe Totaro (Italy), Micki Tschur (Germany), Ksenija Turcic (Croatia), Plamen Yordanov (Bulgaria).

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