Fondazione Antonio Ratti


19 April–30 July 1996
FAR - Lungo Lario Trento

The exhibition was meant to open the collection of Copt fabrics from the Museo Studio del Tessuto - Fondazione Antonio Ratti to the public.

The exhibition arrangement focused on showing over one hundred exhibits fashioned in the major production centres in ancient Egypt, covering a time span ranging from the Roman Empire to the Crusades. Preserved over time thanks to the dry and desert climate of these areas and forming part of funerary goods, fragments of robes, and wallpapers, these fabrics continue to be an important tool to study Egypt and its people between the III and XII century as they stand as an active element of the diverse political, religious, and social combinations.

Exhibition and publication curated by Franca Angonoa
Project set up by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

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