Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Tracce di un seminario 1998

21 January–5 February 1999

After working together for twenty-one days in Como, the artists who met in July 1998, as part of the Advanced Course of Visual Art organized by Fondazione Antonio Ratti, met again in Milan in the space of Viafarini.

The summer workshop derived its form from the work of the Visiting Professor, Hamish Fulton, who invited the students to walk along the mountain path Como-Brunate-Bolletto for fourteen days in a row. Subsequently, on the basis of this physical and mental experience, each of the students elaborated a work that was a testimony of their subjective experience. The experience provided the opportunity for a great group harmony, which led to a fruitful exchange, also with regard to individual jobs.

In Milan, the artists were invited to present new works, mainly in the form of projects, still linked to the experience of walking and in the spirit of those who "traveled a stretch of road together".

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