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Éric Alliez

Dream of Insomnia – Dream of Insomnia Workshop

17 February 2012
FAR – Villa Sucota

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Éric Alliez, Dream of Insomnia, text, Download (PDF)
Gilles Deleuze, To Have Done with Judgement - Fragment, text, Download (PDF)

In The Interpretation of Dreams (Die Traumdeutung, 1900), Freud advanced the hypothesis that dreams are the guardians of sleep. In "To Have Done with Judgment" (Critical and Clinical Essays, 1993), Deleuze's testament-text and radical re-presentation (or cut-through) of his whole philosophy, "The dream is rediscovered, no longer as a dream of sleep or a daydream, but as an insomniac dream. The new dream has become the guardian of insomnia". From Freud to Deleuze (and Guattari), or What Happened (to Us) alongside insomnia in this sleepless dream that has taken the real movement upon itself?

Éric Alliez is Professor of Philosophie et Créations Contemporaines en Art' at the University of Paris 8, and Professor of Contemporary French Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (Kingston University, London).
His works include: Les Temps capitaux (preface by G. Deleuze), T.I, Récits de la conquête du temps (Paris: Cerf, 1991 [English Transl. : Capital Times, Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota, 1997] - T. II, La Capitale du temps, Vol. 1 : L'Etat des choses (Paris: Cerf, 1999); La Signature du monde, ou Qu'est-ce que la philosophie de Deleuze et Guattari? (Paris: Cerf, 1993) [English Transl. with two new appendixes: The Signature of the World. Or What is the Philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari?, London: Continuum, 2005]; De l'impossibilité de la phénoménologie. Sur la philosophie française contemporaine (Paris: Vrin, 1995); Deleuze Philosophie Virtuelle (Paris: Synthélabo, 1996); Gilles Deleuze. Une Vie philosophique (editor) (Paris: Synthélabo, 1998); The Guattari Effect (edited with A. Goffey), London - New York: Continuum, 2011.
His recent books are mostly focused on a problematization of Aesthetics: La Pensée-Matisse (with J.-Cl. Bonne) (Paris : Le Passage, 2005); L'Oeil-Cerveau : nouvelles histoires de la peinture moderne (Paris: Vrin, 2007); Capitalism and Schizophrenia and Consensus. Of Relational Aesthetics (Istanbul : Baglam Publishing ; 2010 [in English/Turkish]). Forthcoming: Défaire l'image. De l'art contemporain.
He has been the general editor of the Oeuvres de Gabriel Tarde (Paris: Les Empàcheurs de penser en rond / Seuil [13 volumes published]) and is a founding member of the journal Multitudes, for which he managed the section concerned with Contemporary Art until June 2009.

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