Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Marjetica Potrč

Fragmented City

7 July–27 August 2006
Spazio ex-Ticosa

The artist's works focused on the analyses of city development, energy resources, water systems, and urban agriculture experimentations.

The four projects on display: in the Ticosa building, a selection of twenty coloured pictures that illustrated some of Marjetica Potrč's previous projects, and Genesis, a video shot in India and the United States in April 2005 (commissioned by the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo where it's on permanent display) showing two communities – the Barefoot College and the Catherine Ferguson Academy – that meet their own energy needs by combining local knowledge with advanced technology.

Kinematic Roof
, a wooden structure in the area outside the Ticosa, with a movable fabric covering. The installation was used during the day as an open-air work area for the students, while at night it became a screen where videos were shown; Spain (2005), one of the most famous videos by the Slovene artist documenting the "water-war" erupted between the two Spanish provinces Castiglia – La Mancia and Murcia.

Rising above the Ticosa building was a site-specific work inspired by the Balcony with a Wind Turbine project presented at the 2004 Liverpool Biennale: a wind turbine and a solar panel fixed on an industrial ladder produced energy to be used by the students for operating their computers, transforming the workshop into an ecological autonomous no-impact system.

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