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Distances, insurgencies and identities. Premonitions for a post-city future

20 July 2006
FAR – Lungo Lario Trento

The Stalker presented their last project, an exploration campaign of the metropolitan area of Rome held from 10 to 15 july2006. The research was centered on the city and the countryside, two worlds that compenetrate and rarely coexist. From the reflection and the analysis of this project, they proposed an interpretation of the phenomenon of appropriation and resignification that diffused urbanity does of rural and natural landscapes, to try to understand and represent a wide territory which is involved in material and immaterial processes of metropolization. With three keywords (distance, insurgence, belonging) the artists wanted to suggest three indicators, three fields of research localized and correlated which guarantee the inter and transdisciplinarity of the research.

The Laboratorio d’Arte Urbana Stalker is a collective of architects and artists active since 1995 which performs some actions of recognition of urban territory, with a penchant for marginal areas. Through focuses on cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, Paris, Berlin and Miami, they pointed out some areas in continuous transformation they called “actual territories”. They joined the Architecture Venice Biennale (2000), Manifesta 3 (Ljubljana, 2003) and the Tirana Biennale (2001).

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