Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Yona Friedman

Musée dans la rue

22 July–17 August 2008
Piazza Cavour & Asilo Sant'Elia

Musée dans la rue was designed and produced by Yona Friedman and the artists who participated in the course, and Como was the first stage of the project's journey of several other European cities. Each Musée dans la rue was an agglomeration of transparent cubes and parallelepipeds; placed in various public spaces of the city - each of which bearing different historic and social identities - the Musée dans la rue became a street museum, a free space where people were invited to leave a sign. Each Musée dans la rue became a place of gathering and social relations, a democratic monument in continuous transformation, and a truly public museum. Friedman, as always in his work, designed a sample basic structure supposed to be activated, modified, and completed by the intervention of the user. Musée dans la rue was a public platform, an open space questioning the very concepts of the museum, public space, and social participation.

Friedman's work in Como was located in Piazza Cavour, Porta Torre and at Terragni's Asilo Sant'Elia (Sant'Elia kindergarten). These three locations, all symbolizing different historical and social aspects of the city, hosted different versions of the Musée, with different structures and in different materials: transparent plexiglass, polystyrene packaging material or - like at the Asilo Sant'Elia - cardboard. In this site and school of ongoing improvisation and creativity, which is also an important example of Rationalist architecture, Friedman encouraged the kids to freely interact with his Musée modules.

For the realization of the project in Piazza Cavour, the Antonio Ratti Foundation promoted among the citizens of Como, a collection of objects of different shapes and styles that had become the contents of the museum designed by Friedman.

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