Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Yvonne Rainer

The Concept of Dust, or How Do You Look When There's Nothing Left to Move?

14 July 2015
Teatro Sociale

Fondazione Antonio Ratti presented the European premiere of Yvonne Rainer's The Concept of Dust, or How Do You Look When There's Nothing Left to Move?. The performance originally commissioned by the Getty and Performa was shown in Como as part of the programme of the XXI CSAV – Artists' Research Laboratory and was performed at MoMA, New York.

The Concept of Dust, or How do you look when there's nothing left to move? was the latest choreography made by Rainer. It saw her on stage along with five dancers – known as the Raindears – performing a work-in-progress piece where Rainer addresses strong themes such as aging and mortality.

In The Concept of Dust, Rainer interweaved dance and texts assembled from many different sources, dealing with ancient Middle East dynasties, paleontological findings, and literary quotations. Intermittently read by Rainer and the dancers throughout the 45-minute piece, the texts ran parallel to music and dance movements, interrupting the performers' actions at times. Moreover, the dancers' movements were indeterminate, decided by the performers themselves without following a predefined sequence, turning up occasionally in group configurations and sometimes in ”doing nothing ” sitting on a chair, standing to one side, or watching each other.

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