Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Tra Artigianalità e Arte

20 June 2014
Ratti S.p.A.

Tra Artigianalità e Arte was a series of workshops conceived by FAR and realized at Ratti S.p.A. The program aimed to open an exchange between the manufacturing world and contemporary art; the goal was the enhancement of business' professions through participative working processes.
An artist, the former participant of the CSAV - Artists' Research Laboratory, was asked to think of an original creative concept and to guide the activities with groups of employees.
The presence of an artist/tutor in an industrial context was particularly valuable, as the artist's vision and his/her way of creating were different from the ones of the artisans. Artists have always had a different look on the contemporary, easily understanding the hidden and unconventional aspects of our times: a vision that, in this case, became an asset, a new method to value the work and the expertise of the professionals involved in the workshop. The aim of the experience was to support individual and collective development, creating a possibility of exchange between different categories of employees - designers and printers - that worked side by side as one single group.

In 2014, the workshop was guided by artist Flavio Favelli.

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