Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Workshop on Workshops II, Magnetic Fields

5 March 2016
FAR – Villa Sucota

Workshop on Workshops II, Magnetic Fields was the second meeting of the symposium conceived in the framework of the CSAV – Artists' Research Laboratory. Workshop on Workshops was intended to map and explore different directions in education and research within artists' practice in the context of residencies, workshops, and alternative educational programmes.

The discussion was opened in November 2015, by questioning existing models of art education and art practice. In the first meeting, several artists and curators actively involved in experimental and alternative projects exchanged their experiences, sharing the heterogeneous qualities of their creative contexts.

The topic of 'new spaces and alternative structures for artists' practice and research is extremely important today. The first meeting introduced a number of perspectives on the subject. These perspectives were expanded upon, revolving again around the experience of individuals, collectives, and institutions dedicated to autonomous contemporary art production; the second symposium reflected on the concept of learning as a central process in the field of art in order to rethink the elastic borders and the contexts of institutions. In particular, they analyzed the special space of creativity generated around a particular way of disseminating and thinking art.

Invited contributors: Saskia Bos, Rainer Ganahl, Mônica Hoff, Sally Mizrachi, Liliana Moro, Cesare Pietroiusti, Dora Stiefelmeier.

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