Fondazione Antonio Ratti

The Aesthetic of Resistance

22 July–4 September 2005
Spazio ex-Ticosa

The course ended with the exhibition by the young participants of the XV edition of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts, in which the works created during the workshop were showed, the exhibition was documented in a catalogue published by Produzioni Nero, Rome.

The participating artists were: Francesco Arena (Italy), Adam Avikainen (USA), Alina Bliumis (USA), Jeremy Boyle (USA), Wendy Downs (USA), Gionata Ozmo Gesi (Italy), Andreas Golinski (Germany), Francesca Grilli (Italy), Gayle Chong Kwan (UK), Juan Pablo Macias Monterrosas (Mexico), Stefano Mandracchia (Italy), Andrea Nacciarriti (Italy), Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh (Italy), Christian Niccoli (Germany), Caterina Notte (Italy), June Pak (South Korea), Annapaola Passarini (Italy), Karen Miranda Rivadeneira (USA), Marinella Senatore (Italy), Studio Trickster (Italy), Stefano Nark Tolio (Italy), Luca Trevisani (Italy), James Pei Mun Tsang (USA), Juliane Wedell (Germany), Thomas Wilkinson (UK).

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