Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Luogo | Non luogo = Nuovo luogo

25 July–7 September 2003
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

Luogo / Non luogo = Nuovo luogo, the title chosen by Richard Nonas for the final exhibition of the course indicated his desire to put space at the center of the collective work. Space was not intended so much as a physical place for work, but above all as a mental space for joint reflections, a place of mediation and exchange between different individuals.

The participant artists were: Alek O. (Argentina), Roberto Ago (Italy), Daniele Bacci (Italy), Beatrice Catanzaro (Italy), Simone Cesarini (Italy), Nemanja Cvijanović (Croatia), Maria Adele Del Vecchio (Italy), Elenia Depedro (Italy), Melania Bugiani Gian Carlo Floridi (Italy), Alice Guareschi (Italy), Jin Ha (France), Giovanni Kronenberg (Italy), Alessandra Lopes Caffarena (UK), Renee Lotenero (USA), Marco Magni (Italy), Marianna Mandirola (Italy), Andrea Melloni (Italy), Renato Jaime Morganti (Italy), Youbi Tchonang Olivier (Cameroon), Joaquin Pena-Toro (Spain), Dragana Sapanjoš (Slovenia), Alberto Trapani (Italy), Nikola Uzunovski (Serbia), Kate Vickers (Australia).

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