Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Richard Nonas

Mappa Mundi

25 July–7 September 2003
FAR – Lungo Lario Trento

Richard Nonas' exhibition project started from the research on the territory of elements that characterized itself. Among a deposit of stones used for street furniture, Nonas found stone curbs that had been used to define the city pavement, transported them to the Foundation and placed them on the floor of the exhibition hall; the same shape was recalled by an intervention on the external lawn of the Lungo Lario Trento site, in relation to the long Iago and the roadway. The two aspects that have always characterized his work, therefore, returned to this intervention: on the one hand, attention to the context and its anthropological presuppositions, to the way and place in which people live their daily lives; on the other hand, a minimal aesthetic that makes formal simplicity its greatest communicative tool.

Nonas's work, which was originally installed in the garden in front of the old headquarters of Fondazione Antonio Ratti, was subsequently reinstalled by the artist in the garden of Villa Sucota.

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