Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Surely We Will Be Confused

22 July 2004
Spazio ex-Ticosa

The workshop proposed by Jimmie Durham was conceived as a journey of collective reflection on what it means to make art. Starting from a series of almost childish exercises, Durham proposed to reactivate the gaze on the world, directing constant attention to the smallest hidden details. A practice that did not want, according to the artist, to submit itself to simplicity but rather to open itself to doubt and to the complexity of multiple visions: "we should not worry about truth, but instead concern ourselves with avoiding lies and teaming better to recognize lies."
(Jimmie Durham)

The participant artists were: Riccardo Benassi (Italy), Marco Bruzzone (Italy), Alessia Chiappino (Italy), Vanessa Chimera (Italy), Rä di Martino (Italy), Cleo Fariselli (Italy), Sophie Franza (France), Linda Fregni Nagler (Italy), Mario Garcia Torres (Mexico), Romain Gillet (France), Tiago Giora (Brazil), Paul Griffiths (UK), Elizabeth Haines (UK), Verica Kovacevska (Macedonia), Armando Lulja (Albania), Shannon Lyons (Australia), Federico Maddalozzo (Italy), Domenico Antonio Mancini (Italy), Sebastiano Mauri (Italy), Eléna Nemkova (Russia), Eivind Nesterud (Norway), Antonio Rovaldi (Italy), Lucia Uni (Italy), Nico Vascellari (Italy).

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