Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Yona Friedman, Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, Nico Dockx

Yona Friedman Museum – Le Musée du Quotidien

30 October 2013
FAR – Villa Sucota

Yona Friedman Museum - Le Musée du Quotidien was a project by Jean-Baptiste Decavèle and Yona Friedman in collaboration with Nico Dockx and produced by Fondazione Antonio Ratti.

For the years 2013–2016, Yona Friedman Museum was located in the park of Villa Sucota, next to the main building of the Fondazione Antonio Ratti, and thereby created an ideal extension of the architecture as well as being a new development of the activities of FAR. The structure hosted and inspired a variety of projects and activities to rethink the notion of 'exhibiting'. Following Friedman's philosophy, such a series of artistic interventions and interactions were realized whilst the structure was actively transformed, in its form and content, according to the needs, dialogues, and ideas of the people taking part in the project.

Yona Friedman Museum was initiated through a series of conversations and collaborations between many partners: Lorenzo Benedetti (former Director of De Vleeshal, Middelburg), Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, Nico Dockx, Yona Friedman and Annie Ratti (Director of CSAV - Artists' Research Laboratory). It is an artistic and architectural work in progress built through 'improvisation' applying Yona Friedman's Space-Chain techniques.

In October 2013, the structure was installed by Jean-Baptiste Decavèle and Nico Dockx in collaboration with the students and alumni of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Anversa, Belgio, and the Accademia Galli in Como.
The groups worked together for a week building the structure of the mobile museum, an Iconostasis, assembled with 500 steel rings, 150 cm of diameter each, bound together.

The preview of the project was also the occasion to present to the public three volumes: Yona Friedman's new book: How to exhibit?, one of FAR's artist-book by Liliana Moro: Moi, and the outcome of the XIX CSAV: The collected work of H.C.

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