Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Marco Franciolli, Frédéric Legros, Rudolf Sagmeister

By lakeside – The Most Beautiful Kunsthalle in the World

4 November 2011
FAR – Villa Sucota

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The fourteenth encounter of The Most Beautiful Kunsthalle in the World saw as protagonists the representatives of three prestigious centres dedicated to contemporary art, hosted in the cities of Bregenz (Austria), Lugano (Switzerland), and Vassivière (France).

These three places are characterized by a low presence in an urban centre, by flourishing tourism industry, and by being located by a lakeside, just like Como.

Which are the reasons that allowed for these three small centres to acquire such relevant infrastructures in the field of contemporary art? What is the public of these institutions? In what way does their peculiar geographical condition contribute to defining the character of these centres? In what way does the architecture of the centres (Peter Zumthor at Bregenz, Aldo Rossi at Vassivière, and Ivano Gianola at Lugano) contribute to their success? What way should Como take to be able of giving life to a Centre for the contemporary arts?

Rudolf Sagmeister (Kunsthaus Bregenz)
Frédéric Legros (Centre international d'art et du paysage de Vassivière)
Marco Franciolli (Museo Cantonale Lugano)

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