Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Julieta Aranda, Maria Fusco, David Velasco

Expanded Exhibitions – The Most Beautiful Kunsthalle in the World

21 December 2011
FAR – Villa Sucota

Julieta Aranda

Expanded Exhibitions – The Most Beautiful Kunsthalle in the World

Watch on Vimeo Part I, Part II, Part III

Expanded exhibitions was an encounter that focused on the importance of publications, catalogues, books, magazines, websites and other platforms that cover the wide and diverse range of activities related to the contemporary art practices. It inquired upon the current role and function of these sites for creativity, thought, information and communication, trying to understand their function, role, and to discuss their current developments. Moreover, it analyzed the importance of these media, both printed and in their online form, and tried to understand how can they produce difference and be relevant in a period of overwhelm of information sharing. It was fundamental to raise aspects related to the current intertwinement and imperceptible separation between criticism and information.

For such discussion, three of the experts in the area were invited: the writer Maria Fusco, former Director of Art Writing at Goldsmiths College and founder/editor of the journal of experimental art writing The Happy Hypocrite; David Velasco, editor of Art Forum; and the artist Julieta Aranda, co-founder of e-flux international information network.

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